Looking for a new club?

If you have recently moved to the general Glasgow area and you are interested in finding a hockey team that is competitive, social and fun, well Motherwell Hockey Club may be just right for you. We welcome all new players to club whether you've being playing hockey for years, haven't played since you were younger or have never played before but are looking for a new challenge. We currently run four mens teams as well as youth hockey so we should have a team for you. On this page you'll find lots of information about the club and the teams. If you have any questions please use the contact link on the menu above to send us you're query.


The club is based at Dalziel Park facilities, which is in Carfin, Motherwell. The club particpate in outdoor and indoor hockey at National and West District levels. We currently have one outdoor mens team, one indoor mens team and a large youth section with ages ranging from 12 to 18 years of age. The club is generally built up of players that have come up through the juniors to progress to the various teams but we also have a number of "imports" that we have been fortunate enough to welcome into the club from all over.

First Team

The first team currently play in National Division Three after spending a few seasons among the elite of Division One. The first team is quite a young team and contains mostly players who have come through our youth training program but are supported by some older and more experienced players. We currently have 3 Scottish Internationalists and 1 Great Britain Internationalist in the team.

Second Team

As we have just reformed the second team after a year out we are starting again at the bottom of the West District and currently play in West District Division Four. Previously we were in West District League 1. The Second Team is seen as a feeder team to the firsts. The team is is split 50-50 between young players and old hands who bestow their vast knowledge of the game to help the development of the players.



There is plenty of opportunity at the club for players to improve their skills and fitness levels. Depending on your skill/fitness level there are different training sessions available throughout the week. For more information visit the Training pages.


Fees are what keeps the club going so they have to be mentioned to any new member wishing to join the club. There is a subscription fee for the season which covers your registration with SHU and the hire of training pitches and other facilities used by the club. For every match you play, a match fee is asked for which goes towards paying for the pitch hire and socialising after match. For more information visit the Subs page.